Liberty Flare, LLC offers unmatched practical experience, innovative methods, application methods and state-of-the-art proprietary systems to the flare and vent stack industries.

Throughout the world, we are known to deliver high quality and critical path repairs, maintenance and construction projects of all sizes, in emergency or non-emergency situations.

We believe strongly in our responsibility as a full service contractor and in the importance of consistEntly providing our customers with STATE-OF-THE-ART technology, equipment, and solutions.

Our full range of products and services includes:

  • Inspection Services including visual and photographic, aerial/drone inspections, guy wire/cable inspections, structural and technical inspections and various non-destructive testing methods
  • 3-D mapping of flares and related plant facilities
  • Installation and replacement services including flare tip, mole seal, electronic igniters, steam lines, gas and igniter lines, and flame front generators (FFG)
  • Repair and maintenance services, including preventive maintenance, shutdown and turnaround and critical path projects, specialty welding and mechanical services
  • Guy wire tensioning, greasing and replacement, including flare / stack plumbing
  • Replacing and/or patching refractory
  • Specialty fabrication of parts and components, including high alloy metals
  • Fabrication and Installation of Retractable Systems for pilots, thermocouples and aviation lighting
  • Painting services and lead abatement

Liberty Flare has formed strategic alliances with specialty industry engineering and construction companies, equipment vendors and major manufacturers in order to deliver complete turnkey solutions to our clients.

We invest in these relationships in order to respond to the ever-changing demands of the marketplace and continually enhance our training and experience to drive further innovation.

Liberty Flare has the capability to repair or refurbish your OEM flare tip and return it to like-new condition, generally turning around your component on a critical path timeline.

Our process consists of:

  • Performing a shop inspection, including sandblasting to white metal, then completing a visual, black light and magnetic particle inspection.
  • Based on results, prepare a repair estimate for review and approval by our client
  • Perform necessary repairs, including:
  • Weld repairs
  • Insulation
  • Tubing
  • Accessory components (pilots and thermocouples)
  • Replace / reface flanges
  • Paint to specifications

You can count on Liberty Flare to help you stay on schedule, avoid replacement costs and ensure quality of operations for your next campaign.

Guys wires are often overlooked in maintenance programs; as a result, guyed flare stacks can be seriously impacted by weather conditions (corrosion from rain, tension from high winds) and the resulting damage can be extensive.

Typically, inspections and preventive maintenance can be performed on guy wires at the same time. Liberty recommends that guy wires are visually inspected and maintained at least annually, including the following:

  • Shackles and turnbuckles
  • Fraying and corrosion
  • Lubrication and oiling
  • Plumb and tension check

Liberty’s proprietary guy wire climber, ERICTM (the Elevated Robot Inspection Climber) allows for video inspection of guy wires, recorded from a self-sustained climbing device, while also performing cleaning / degreasing of the cable, and maintenance oiling to prevent corrosion and damage.

When guy wires are damaged or worn, Liberty can replace guy wires and securement devices, or re-tension wires to ensure that the flare stack remains plumb and stable. Allow us to turnkey your guy wire program; ask us about annual inspections and preventive maintenance!

Flare operators are constantly and intensively focused on maximizing operating availability and minimizing down time for their flare systems.

Liberty Flare, LLC. has developed proprietary Retractable Messenger Cable Systems (RMCSTM) which are designed for refinery, chemical, petrochemical, production and offshore flare structures. These systems can deploy and retract a variety of critical components:

  • Electronic pilots
  • Flame front generator (FFG) pilots
  • Single or multiple aviation lighting systems.

In addition, Liberty has developed a proprietary retractable thermocouple system that is designed for years of reliable use.

Adverse weather (wind and hail storms, hurricanes, tornadoes) and upset / flaring conditions present intense operating challenges and threaten your operating utility. Our proprietary allow operators to access to all elevated flare pilots, ignition systems, thermocouples, aviation lighting systems and lightning protection systems from the ground level. To ensure that these systems remain reliable and in peak operational order, Liberty can also perform preventative maintenance and required repairs to our own systems, as well as any competitor systems.

This system can be installed during routine maintenance with minimal time requirements.  The elimination of future downtime – and the avoidance of non-compliance fines and expenses for improper flare pilot operation – will far exceed your investment in the RMCS system.

Liberty Flare has manufactured our proprietary Retractable Systems for over thirty years, and have delivered RMCS systems all over the world. Our current designs incorporate the most reliable materials and the best practices developed from operating experience shared by our clients.

Don’t make the mistake of planning a maintenance turnaround or shutdown without incorporating the Liberty RMCS into your flare maintenance program.

Contact Liberty Flare to schedule a demonstration and to discuss your application requirements.

Liberty Flare has installed and field tested the retractable messenger cable system on flare structures up to 500 feet tall!

Flare pilots are often regarded as the most critical element of a flare system, ensuring maximum uptime, reliable operations and enhanced compliance. Liberty Flare routinely works to repair, refurbish or replace OEM pilot systems, from the flare tip to the ignition and control system.

While Liberty’s proprietary RMCS retractable pilot system is the ultimate solution for on-the-fly maintenance and repair of pilot systems, our technicians also perform repair and maintenance on conventional pilot systems. Our procedures for working at heights, performing advance rigging and managing technical lifts allow you to confidently outsource your critical repairs safely and efficiently.

We can work with your preferred supplier, or manage your repair project in a turnkey fashion, sourcing and installing pilot systems to your specifications, but without tying up valuable project resources.

Count on Liberty Flare to inspect and repair every aspect of your flare’s ignition system. Our technicians are on standby to keep your flare operational, safe and compliant by enhancing the reliability of this critical component of your flare. 

Liberty can maintain a wide variety of OEM ignition equipment, including:

  • FFG
  • HEI (Electronic)
  • Permanent
  • Removable Retractable
  • Ballistic Ignition system


FFG systems have been widely used for decades as a reliable method of flare ignition, but over time are prone to component degradation. Liberty can assess and repair electronic panel components, valves, gauges, drain tubes, piping and wiring. Grade level components can be affected by heat, rain, condensation and UV rays, and damage can often be overlooked in maintenance and inspection programs. Liberty can also repair or replace corroded ignition tubes anywhere from the FFG to the flare tip.

When is the last time training was conducted for FFG operators? Liberty is deeply experienced in most FFG systems, and can conduct on-site training for your key personnel!

Let Liberty Flare bring your FFG system to like-new condition and create years of reliable use for your flare ignition needs!

HEI SYSTEMS (High Energy Electronic Ignition)

High Energy Ignition Systems are simple and reliable, but can be a challenge to test and maintain, because of their elevated location. The Liberty Flare team is experienced and trained in working at elevated locations, whether climbing flare stacks/structures or working from elevated equipment (crane basket or man lift.)

Our technicians maintain, repair and refurbish a broad range of HEI devices, allowing your ignitor to be protected from wind, rain and fouling, and ensuring that all ancillary equipment (thermocouples, burners and retractable systems) work seamlessly within your system. Allow us to help train your personnel on manual relighting or develop solutions to nagging HEI issues!

Liberty has extensive experience with a wide array of ignition equipment. Count on us to maintain your system and improve reliability!

If your flare’s Aviation Lights are permanently installed and difficult to access, call Liberty Flare to repair or replace them with long-life and state-of-the-art LED technology, or one of our proprietary RCMSTM retractable lighting (AWL) systems.

The FAA requires that flares, towers and poles exceeding 200 feet AGL be marked or lighted according to the Obstruction Lighting and Marking standard; international regulatory bodies – such as the TCCA, EASA, JAA, etc. – may observe ICAO guidelines or adopt other standards. The Liberty team can help you remain in compliance by safely accessing your obstruction lights, quickly and reliably making repairs or replacements, and recommending optimal technical solutions for your long-term success.

Liberty Flare, LLC is a specialty contractor providing maintenance, repair, inspection, installation and design services on industrial flares and vent stacks. With over five decades of experience in working at heights, our highly trained team of technicians are dedicated to safety, quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

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