Liberty Flare can manage your flare system rental needs for short-term or long-term applications. Liberty maintains a basic fleet of rental equipment including flare stacks, ignition systems, ground plates and weights and ancillary equipment. Along with this, we also work with other industry leaders to custom design a rental package for your application.

Call Liberty Flare for your custom flare rental systems; we can deliver a turnkey package including equipment, installation and operation.

Whether you are bypassing a permanent flare system for maintenance or operations, or evacuating a tank or pipeline, Liberty can deliver portable and temporary flare solutions for short-term rental or long-term lease. Our team can help you develop specifications for size/height, volume, control and monitoring systems as well as securement (guy wires, weights and plates) and ancillary equipment (generators, knock-out drums and tanks.)

Liberty can also work with other rental flare fleets to ensure just-in-time delivery of your system and can deliver a turnkey project including mobilization, equipment, installation and operation of the rental system. Count on the Liberty team to respond to your emergency and short notice needs, and to deliver a custom solution when other providers fall short.

Liberty Flare has turnkey capabilities to provide, source and install temporary flare systems for a wide variety of applications. Whether for short-term rental or long-term lease, Liberty – along with several equipment partners – can safely and efficiently install a temporary flare for your project, managing all aspects of the scope.

Whether providing a redundant system or complete bypass of your flare, count on Liberty to provide you with the flexibility you need to continue operating while your maintenance work is planned and sourced.

Liberty has extensive experience designing and fabricating permanent, retractable and removable pilot systems (also called “Hook Pilots” or “Supplemental Pilots”.) Our Removable Pilot systems are available for rental or long-term lease based on your needs.

Removable pilots can be installed and replaced from ground level while the flare is live, in normal or minor flaring conditions. (CLICK HERE to learn more about Removable Pilots.)

Liberty’s Removable Pilot rental package includes the stainless-steel installation assembly, an independent manual electronic pilot, fuel line and installation technicians; customers provide the thermocouple, fuel, power and crane for installation.

We are able to work with leading manufacturers to adapt or custom-fit their equipment to your changing needs, and can install, move or modify your pilot / ignition systems to maximize useful life ensure the highest return on your investment.

For proper engineered securement of your rental flare systems, Liberty has an extensive fleet of ground weights and plates for your use. We have modified our weight systems for ease of lifting, rigging and movement, expediting the mobilization and installation of the entire rental package, helping you avoid downtime and delays on your project.

Liberty Flare, LLC is a specialty contractor providing maintenance, repair, inspection, installation and design services on industrial flares and vent stacks. With over five decades of experience in working at heights, our highly trained team of technicians are dedicated to safety, quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

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